Unique, Handmade Furniture, Rugs, and Other Creations for the Southwestern Home

Arizona is very, very, old. Massive thunderheads have swept the Gila Bend desert hollows and the Flagstaff peaks, pounding out an old, old, rhythm for millions of years. Echoes and silence meet in the great cliff dwellings, while a persistent Colorado River continuesSuper.....Natural.....Arizona! to wear away into the high western plateaus. As you gaze back in time from the rocky edge of the Grand Canyon, you hear the wind whisper, feel the prickly sun warm your shoulders, the hawks beckon, a lone squirrel peels a pecan shell lazily, and the ancient teachings, the old, old, memories reach your consciousness, and whisper.... "Welcome home...."

But, this place is not an ordinary place. This place called Arizona is a mercado. An entire state where on a daily basis the artisans and vendors bring their time-honored crafts to the center of the square for you. Marvel with us! Come with us to peek through the rusty, creaky, gateways in Jerome. Sniff sawdust, and old cedar aromas. Come nibble fresh The Desert Blooms.......from Spring Rains!chili jams, and cheesecake delights. Marvel as we do when quiet, masterful fingers find the horseman in the mound of clay, the matron Tamalera in her kitchen making tortillas. Marvel as we do when the weaver romps with her sheep and knows their next shearing will adorn your beds and tables. Marvel as we do how the masterful old table comes from old, fallen planks of a bygone Western "gold fever" era. Marvel as we do as you hold a Native American silver amulet in the palm of your hand, and you feel its story etch into your soul.




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